2015-10-29 18:43:39
i have zero idea.. help please.
2015-10-29 23:32:00

As we look, line TU = 16. But, there are two lines right below it, and there are two lines on the line UW. Now, all that this means is UW is the same length as TU.  Since we know what TU and UW is and we need to add them together to find the total length of the line TW. 16 + 16 = 32. Therefore, the length of line TW is 32 units long. Hope I could help you out! If my answer is incorrect, or I provided an answer you were not looking for, please let me know. However, if my answer is explained well and correct, please consider marking my answer as Brainliest!  :) Have a good one. God bless!

2015-10-29 23:33:15

Yes I agree with that good luck God bless