2015-11-08 20:58:24
The far side of the hills around the bowl of the base was glimmering, but you could never see the source of the light, and it had the look of a city at night approached from a great distance. Flares were dropping everywhere around the fringes of the perimeter, laying a dead white light on the high ground rising from the piedmont. There would be dozens of them at once sometimes, trailing an intense smoke, dropping white-hot sparks, and it seemed as though anything caught in their range would be made still, like figures in a game of living statues. There would be the muted rush of illumination rounds, fired from 60-mm. mortars inside the wire, dropping magnesium-brilliant above the NVA trenches. The sensory details in the excerpt evoke a sense of A. awe and wonder. B. confusion and disgust. C. hope and strength. D. surprise and excitement.
2015-11-08 21:39:06

I believe the answer to this question would be A. awe and wonder. Hope I helped \( ̄▽ ̄)/