2015-11-07 22:38:54
Can someone plz help me with this math problem.
2015-11-08 01:59:21

For question one, you would need to use the formula pi r ^2. So first you have 4.5, which is your radius(stands for r). Then you square it, which is 20.25. Then, you multiply 20.25 with pi. Then for circumference, you do 2 x pi x the radius which is 4.5. So for area, you get 63.62. Then for circumference you get 28.27.  For question 2, it is basically the same steps but instead you a diameter, not a radius. To get the radius, divide by 2, which the radius will be 6. Then from there, the radius is 6, and you solve the question.

2015-11-08 02:00:36

ok radius is distance from center to the circle diameter is from one isde to the other, it is also twice the radius r=radius d=diameter circumfernce=pi times diameter or 2 times pi times radius area=pi times radius^2 so 1. circumference=2pir radius=4.5 c=2pir c=2pi4.5 c=9pi in area=pir^2 arae=pi(4.5)^2 area=pi20.25 area=20.25pi in² 2. diameter=12mi circumfernce=pid circumfernce=pi12 circumfnerce=12pi mi area=pir^2 d/2=r 12/2=r=6 area=pi6^2 area=36pi mi²