2015-11-03 11:31:39
PLEZ HELP I NEED HELP BADLYYY!!! Homer and Bart plan to buy one computer for $499.00 strictly for gaming purposes games cost $49.99 each PART A ... Define each variable and write an algebraic expression to describe how much they will spend before sales tax based on purchasing the computer and the number of games PART B .... if they purchase one computer in five games how much do they spend before sales tax PART C.... Homer and Bart have friends they want to purchase extra controllers each controller costs $24.99 use an algebraic expression to describe how much they spend in total before tax sales when they purchase one computer any number of games in any number of extra controllers PART D ... what would be the total cost before sales tax if Homer and Bart purchase one computer for games and three extra controllers
2015-11-03 11:57:56

Alright, we know that we have to spend 499 dollars on a computer as a base cost. Next, we have to buy 49.99 * x dollars worth of games (since games are 49.99 each), adding up to 499+49.99*x Alright, so plugging 5 in for x, we get 499+49.99*5=744.95 Since one controller is 24.99, the money for buying a y amount of controllers would be 24.99*y., making the expression 499+49.99x+24.99y Since in part D, there are no games, we plug these in to get  499+49.99*0++24.99*3=573.97 dollars