2015-11-01 06:27:24
What are some common issues for special needs individuals that may require special consideration while exercising or playing sports?A 28,000-gallon swimming pool is being drained using a pump that empties 700 gallons per hour. Which equation models this situation if g is the number of gallons remaining in the pool and t is the amount of time in hours the pool has been draining? 28,000 = –700t 28,000g = –700t g = 700t – 28,000 g = 28,000 – 700t
2015-11-01 13:06:31

Number of gallons remaining = Initial number of gallons - How much has been emptied How much has been emptied = Emptying rate * Time period during which emptying occurs Therefore: How much has been emptied = 700t Number of gallons remaining = 28000 - 700t