2015-11-01 00:58:24
PLEASE HELP ME !! Abigail has $30.00 to buy groceries. She needs to buy some apples, some bananas, and 3 pounds of potatoes. Fuji apples are $1.79 a pound, bananas are $0.36 each, and potatoes are $2.99 for a 3 lb. bag. If a represents the number of pounds of apples Abigail buys and b represents the number of bananas she buys, which expression represents the amount of change she receives after her purchases? Choices are A. 30.00-a-b B. 1.79a + 0.36b+2.99 C. 30.00 – (1.79a + 0.36b + 2.99) D. 30.00 + (1.79a + 0.36b + 2.99)