2016-09-27 12:55:09
A clown is preparing for a party by inflating one balloon for every invited guest. Just when she has half of the necessary balloons inflated, 3 of them pop. She inflates 5 more balloons, and two pop. then 6 balloons are carried away by the wind. She finishes by inflating 16 more balloons, and then learns that only 12 guests will attend the party. how many extra balloons did the clown inflate?
2016-09-27 19:28:15

half, then -3, then +5, then -2, then -6, then +16 not sure how many to begin with but after half, the clown ended up with 10 more than half of the original um if 12 guests um half+10-12=extra half-2=extr half-2=number of extra ballons, we just need to know how many baloons she inflated when she had half

2016-09-27 19:29:30

6+5+16=27-12=15 extra balloons inflated