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Due to the violence that was sweeping the countryside, the nobles agreed to all of these concessions except: ending feudal dues. decreasing the tithe. agreeing to pay taxes. opening army, government and church positions to all males. Which of the following documents, written during the French Revolution, declared all French people equal before the law, and protected freedom of speech, press and religion? Magna Carta Bill of Rights Declaration of the Rights of Man Declaration of Independence The goal of centralizing the king and the National Assembly was to: build up Paris. create a constitutional monarchy. kill the king. create a democracy. How did the National Assembly raise money? by collecting rent by taking it from the monarch by selling church lands asking foreign countries Which of the following groups split in reaction to the changes made by the National Assembly? Emigres Nobles Clergy Third Estate The Constitution of 1791 made all of the following changes except: abolishing the monarchy. setting up a uni-cameral legislation. giving the vote to males paying a minimum tax. choosing members of the legislation by vote. Which of the following groups took over the National Assembly? Royalists Moderates Radicals Emigres
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1) ending feudal dues 2)Declaration of the rights of man 3)create a constitutional monarchy 4) by selling church lands 5) third estate 6)abolishing the monarchy 7)loyalist