2016-09-26 21:50:24
An observer (O) spots a bird flying at a 35° angle from a line drawn horizontal to its nest. If the distance from the observer (O) to the bird (B) is 21,000 ft., how far is the bird (B) from its nest (N)? Round to the nearest whole number. A right triangle B N O is shown with angle B marked 35 degrees, side B N marked x and side B O marked 21000 feet. 12,045 feet 14,704 feet 16,980 feet 17,202 feet
2016-09-27 00:40:57

The distance between the observer and the bird is the hypotenuse of the right triangle. Moreover, the distance between the distance between the bird and the nest is the perpendicular of the right triangle. The distance may be calculated using: Sin(∅) = perpendicular / hypotenuse perpendicular = sin(35°) * 21000 perpendicular = 12,045 feet The distance between the bird and its nest is 12,045 feet