2016-09-26 13:36:54
Wendy plans to run her first 5k in two months and she needs to prepare she has a busy schedule though and needs to select the best activity for her heart health which activity should Wendy pick?
2016-09-26 17:52:32

Best activity for Wendy for her heart heath and for the preparation for her first 5km is the mix of running and walking. A run-walk program is an effective training method that can help you increase your fitness faster. So, for someone yo had not been running this training method is the first thing to do. The run-walk method will allow Wendy to exercise for a longer period of time each session. This will  increase her aerobic capabilities more rapidly, she will burn more calories, and reduce her risk of injury.

2016-09-26 17:53:47

in this case, the best activity for her heart health would be: Twenty-five minutes of zumba If wendy wanted to participate in a 5k run, she need to improve his cardiovascular capacities. Zumba is a form of dance which movement will increase the rate of your heartbeat and will train your cardiovascular strength.