2016-09-22 17:57:54
Ariana, Boris, Cecile, and Diego are students in the service club. Three of the four students will be chosen to attend a conference. Which choice represents the sample space, S, for this event? S = {ABC, ABD, ACD, BCD} S = {ABC, BCA, CDA, DAC} S = {ABC, ABD, BAC, BDA, ACD, ADC, BCD, BDC} S = {ABC, ABD, ACD, BCA, BCD, BDC, CAB, CBD, DAC, DBC}
2016-09-22 20:41:49

There are four students in the population and three of them will be chosen to attend the conference which means there are four combinations that can be arranged in such manner. In this case, only options 1 and 2 remain. By looking at the arrangements between two options, there should be an equal number of arrangements that each student should have, in this case option 1 represents the sample space.