2016-09-21 23:09:54
Alejandro made an error in the steps below when determining the equation of the line that is perpendicular to the line 4x – 3y = –8 and passes through the point (3, –2). Alejandro made his first error in which step? a.Step 1 b.Step 2 c.Step 3 d.Step 4
2016-09-22 05:12:18

This is the concept of equations of graphs; We are required to calculate for the equation if the line that is perpendicular to the line 4x-3y=-8 and passes through point (3,-2). Here we proceed as follows; 4x-3y=-8 can be written in he form y=mx+c as follows; -3y=-4x-8 thus; y=4/3x+8/3 The slope of the line perpendicular to this is -3/4. Thus using p[oint (3,-2) the equation will be as follows; -3/4=(y--2)/(x-3) -3/4(x-3)=y+2 y+2=-3/4(x-3) y+2=-3/4x+9/4 thus; y=-3/4x+1/4 the answer is: y=-3/4x+1/4