2016-09-21 15:19:54
James wants to tile his floor using tiles in the shape of a trapezoid. To make the pattern a little more interesting he has decided to cut the tiles in half along the median. The top base of each tile is 12 inches in length and the bottom base is 16 inches. How long of a cut will John need to make so that he cuts the tiles along the median?
2016-09-21 15:37:02

The answer is 16 inches, we can get the medians length of the trapezoid by using the formula: EF = (BC + AD) / 2.  Given: EF = the medians length; BC = top base = 12 inches; and AD = bottom base = 16 inches.Therefore: EF = (12 + 16)/2 EF = 28 / 2                                                                                                          EF = 14 inches’ medians length is the average of the two bases of trapezoid.