2016-09-20 07:24:39
Question: How long did your family spend in an internment camp? Answer: We were sent from Florin, California, to a temporary facility at the Fresno County fairgrounds for 6 months beginning in May of 1942. From there our family along with others from California were sent to Jerome, [Arkansas]. We were never at Topaz. The US government set up 10 internment camps in various locations in the United States. These camps were located in desolate, unpopulated places throughout the continental states. The government did not want the people of the United States to know much about the internment of 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry. What was the interviewee’s purpose? to spread awareness of injustice to deflect from the truth to make the interviewer feel guilty to critique the truth
2016-09-20 14:16:11

This excerpt is basically describing a "people do bad things in the dark" situation.