2021-04-08 02:09:09
So i missed all my notes on this lesson and forgot to get them. So, thats my fault but i have an assignment with 6 problems, and i need help on 5 & 6. So in Algebra 2 we are learning right now Solving Radical Equations. Q. 5 : 3[latex] sqrt[/latex]5x+11 = 27 solve for x so for this question i have 5x=70 noramally we are supposed to do the zero product rule, but i dont think this applies to this equation So, should i just go with my gut and put x=14?? Q.6: [latex] sqrt[/latex]6x+1 = 7 solve for x for this question i have 6x=48 i also dont think the zero product rule applies to this question so should i just put x=8 ??