2021-01-13 18:58:39
Use the terms gas, liquid, condensation, solid, and evaporation.? I can do the expiremnt I DONT HAVE ICE!/ Use the terms mentioned above to describe what happens when you put an ice cube over a bottle that contains very very hot water. You will need an empty bottle (with a medium or small opening) made of clear glass, some hot water, and an ice cube. Place some hot water in the bottom of the bottle and put the ice cube over the opening of the bottle so that it rests on top and drips into the bottle.
2021-01-13 23:58:23

the expirement is saying show the circle of water  1.the water mocules move apart so it is a gas  2. when the water mocules build  up in the cloud  and the water relese 3. the rain freezes then meltes and starts all over to 1

2021-01-13 23:59:38

Find a cup or container and put water in it then put it in the freezer until it is ice... Then you have ice hope i helped jcossin22